What is the ClassicCard?

The ClassicCard is a cross-institutional offer of discounted tickets for young visitors under 30 years of age. The ClassicCard is unique in Germany in this form. 

Founded in 1998 on an initiative of the Konzerthaus Berlin, the circle of event organizers today includes the Konzerthaus Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Komische Oper Berlin, Staatsballett Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, and the institutions of the ROC Berlin. 

The purchase of tickets at ClassicCard conditions takes place exclusively in the ClassicCard app. The ClassicCard website serves as an informative platform, providing an overview of the benefits of the ClassicCard, organizers, events, schedules and dates.

How does the ClassicCard work?

Presale starts on the 15th of the month where you can book ClassicCard tickets for the next two months (e.g.: on January 15, all events are on sale until end of March).

The supply of tickets is limited. Meaning there is less ClassicCard ticktes available, if an event is on high demand and tickets are selling fast. In regular intervals, additional tickets will be put on sale (three weeks, 10 days, 3 days before the event). So if there are currently no more reduced tickets left, it is worth checking at the given release intervals.

From 2 hours before the start of the performance, all remaining tickets are available via the ClassicCard app.

Who can I contact with inquiries about the ClassicCard?

You can reach us via e-mail at info@classiccard.de

What are the contact and service hours for ClassicCard?

During the season:
Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

During summer break:
Monday-Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

What does the ClassicCard membership cost?

It's simple: age = price. For example, if you become a ClassicCard member at 23, you pay €23 per year until you cancel your membership or don't renew. So the earlier you become a member, the cheaper your annual fee! Once your membership is paid, you can book your discounted tickets in the app.

How is my age verified?

When you set up your membership, you will be asked to take a photo of your ID card, which we will use to verify your age. 
The organizers reserve the right to verify your age and the age of your companion under 30 at the event. So please remember to bring an ID card when attending the event.

Minimum age for ClassicCard membership

The minimum age for the ClassicCard membership is 14 years - please check directly with the organizers about existing discounts for children.


What are the ClassicCard deals? 

Great deal: Up to 2 hours before the performance – € 15 for opera and ballet, € 13 for concerts 
Last-minute deal: From 2 hours before the performance – € 10 for opera and ballet, € 8 for concerts

Tickets & Purchase

How do I redeem my tickets?

On the payment page, as well as in the confirmation email, you will find information on how the ticket will be delivered. There are different options depending on the event, but by default the following ticket options are available: 
Mobile ticket: Bring your smartphone to the entrance and present the ticket in the app or via Passbook. 
Print at home: Print out the PDF from the confirmation email and present the printout at the entrance.

What should I do if a problem arises, e.g. if I forget my smartphone or its battery runs out?

Please contact the staff of the respective venue directly in good time.

Can I take a companion without a ClassicCard at a reduced price?

For each ClassicCard ticket, one reduced ticket can be purchased for a companion who is under 30 years old at the ClassicCard price plus 5 euros surcharge. To do this, your companion must have an account in the app and complete the U30 verification by uploading their ID. If a ClassicCard ticket has been booked, a U30 companion ticket can also be booked at a later date (subject to availability).

The organizers reserve the right to verify your age and the age of your companion under 30 at the event. So please remember to bring an ID card when attending the event.


Can I purchase a ClassicCard ticket and a full-price ticket in one order process?

Yes, a mixed shopping cart is possible. ClassicCard users can also order tickets for accompanying persons over 30.


How can I send purchased tickets to my companion?

You can easily send tickets to your companion directly from the app. Go to the “Tickets” section, select the appropriate ticket and click “To email”. Enter the email address of your companion. The ticket does not contain any price information, which means you can invite friends without them seeing how much you paid for the ticket.

Can I cancel tickets I have purchased? 

Unfortunately, tickets purchased via the ClassicCard app cannot be canceled (goodwill in exceptional cases). If a performance is canceled, the ticket price will be automatically credited to your ClassicCard account. The credit can be redeemed for an event of your choice. Alternatively, you can have the credit reimbursed to the payment method used.


Are the tickets I purchased with the ClassicCard app transferable?

The tickets you purchased at ClassicCard conditions are personalized and non-transferable. If your companion is unable to attend at short notice, please contact our customer service at info@classiccard.de.

Why can’t I select more than six tickets for purchase?

Unfortunately, booking more than six tickets per payment transaction is not currently supported.

Which payment options are available?

In the ClassicCard app, payment methods such as credit card, Paypal and Apple Pay, Google Pay are accepted. The range of payment options is constantly being expanded.

Technical problems

I’m having trouble using the app.

We’re sorry to hear that – but this can definitely be solved. Please send us a short message (if necessary, the error message) to info@classiccard.de. We’ll be happy to help you out!

The app crashed during the payment process, what now?

Normally, this happens when there are problems with the network connection, prohibiting the payment process from being carried out. Important: If you do not receive a confirmation email for the ticket purchase, your payment method was not debited. In this case, please restart the app and try again.


I forgot my password.

No problem – just enter your email address on the “Reset password” page and we will send you an email to reset your password.

How can I delete my payment details?

Entered payment methods are stored in the “Profile” menu and can also be deleted there.

Will my ClassicCard membership be automatically renewed?

No, your ClassicCard membership will not be automatically renewed. We will send you an email reminder one month before your membership expires, giving you the opportunity to renew it directly within the app for another year at the same price. If you choose not to renew and wish to enjoy the benefits of ClassicCard again at a later time, you will need to purchase a new ClassicCard membership.

Additionally, it's worth noting that you can also book your ClassicCard membership on the day before your 30th birthday, allowing you to continue enjoying all the benefits even when you turn 30.

How can I reach the ticket hotlines of the cultural institutions? 

Deutsche Oper Berlin

Komische Oper Berlin
Konzerthaus Berlin 
Rundfunk Orchester und Chöre GmbH Berlin 
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin 
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin 
Rundfunkchor Berlin 
RIAS Kammerchor Berlin 
Staatsballett Berlin
Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Berliner Philharmoniker

Pierre Boulez Saal

Security & Data Protection

Is my data secure?

Yes. We only use encrypted communication to transfer your data and store it in secure European data centers.

Is my payment secure? 

Yes. We work with Payone, one of the leading payment service providers in Europe. Only the most stringent security standards are applied for the transfer and storage of data.

Will my personal data be secure with ClassicCard?

Yes. We attach great importance to data protection and will never transmit your data to third parties. If you buy tickets via the app, your booking data will be forwarded to the respective cultural institution to ensure a smooth process. In concrete terms, this means that relevant data, including name, performance dates and ticket number, are stored in the ticket system of the cultural institution. This ensures that ClassicCard customers – if necessary – can use the customer service of the respective venue.