Konzerthaus Berlin - Werner-Otto-Saal

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Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin

Der Traum vom Widerstand III

Concert program

Alexandra Filonenko
„СВЕЧЕНИЕ“ („Glühen“ für großes Ensemble (UA)

Sara Abazari
„in solidum“ (UA)


Hans Werner Henze
„Versuch über Schweine“ mit einem Gedicht von Gastón Salvatore, für Sprechgesang und Kammerensemble, bearbeitet von Berthold Tuercke


Ukraine 2022, Iran 2023, Germany 1969 - three countries, three examples of lived resistance: With her orchestral work СВЕЧЕНИЕ („Glow“), which will be premiered this evening, the Ukrainian-born and Russian-trained composer Alexandra Filonenko illuminates the currently so dominant theme of war and peace in the 21st century. Also to be heard as a world premiere is a new piece by the Iranian-born composer Sara Abazari about the Kafkaesque condition of oppressed peoples, being silenced by the regime and yet retaining the courage to effect social change. In his „Versuch über Schweine“ („Attempt on Pigs“) for Sprechgesang and chamber ensemble, Hans Werner Henze in 1969 adapted a rage-driven poem by Gastón Salvatore, an associate of Rudi Dutschke, who had been almost fatally wounded shortly before, on the resistance of the student movement in Germany at the time: At first, a person only reflects on the intolerable conditions, but then decides to act.Sponsored by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion


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Konzerthaus Berlin - Werner-Otto-Saal

Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin

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