Information on membership:

Your annual membership fee is based on your age; for example, if you're 18, you'll only pay 18 euros. The great news is that if you consistently renew your membership without any breaks, your annual fee remains the same. Joining early and staying with us has its rewards!

In the final month of your annual membership, we'll send you two ‚friendly reminders‘ via email. By clicking on the provided link, you can easily renew your membership directly within the app for another year, all at the same price. If you choose not to renew, your membership will automatically expire. If you wish to enjoy the ClassicCard benefits later on, you'll need to obtain a new ClassicCard membership.

By the way, did you know that you can book your ClassicCard membership on the day before your 30th birthday? This means you can continue enjoying all the perks even when you turn 30.