50 € for free:

and how it works!

The JUGENDKULTURKARTE in the ClassicCard app

Here’s how it works:

As of 01.02.2023, the city of Berlin will issue a cultural credit of 50 € to all 18 to 23-year-olds living in Berlin. This credit can also be used for the ClassicCard: You can convert the credit of the card into a ClassicCard credit in the app. To do so, please head to one of the following box offices: Deutsche Oper Berlin, Komische Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berliner Philharmoniker or Konzerthaus Berlin.

Here's how your registration for the JUGENDKULTURKARTE works:

  • Register on the website www.jugendkulturkarte.berlin
  • Get your QR code issued
  • Pick up the card at the public libraries of Berlin (VÖBB)
  • After a quick check, followed by an activated QR code and personal data, activation and personalization of the card

Now all you have to do is transfer the balance to the ClassicCard!

  • Come to one of our cash desks and ask for the credit to be transferred to the ClassicCard
  • The cashier debits the credit from your JUGENDKULTURKARTE and credits X€ to your customer account using the e-mail address. It is also possible to credit a partial amount!
  • Now the balance in your app should be visible on the payment page and in the profile!
  • You can use your credit straight away: Either to attend performances or to get your ClassicCard membership to start with!

Enjoy your visit and have fun with your ClassicCard!